cctv-imagesCCTV Surveillance & Security Cameras
In today’s scenarios and environment security measures play a very important role in managing a setup or a gated community, which includes offices, schools, colleges, factories etc. Current methods of deploying these facilities are the conventional security guards. However reliability on such manpower cannot prove hundred percent accurate.

In order to overcome the errors caused due to manual management of security surveillance, Rasilant provides highly accurate CCTV/IP Cameras for effective and constant monitoring. These cameras can monitor movements at varied distances depending on the type of Camera used.

Rasilant also provides the uniqueness of integration of the camera software with any existing client applications.
Solution: Constant monitoring and recording of all physical activities at all surveillance zones
Combination of fixed and PTZ camera systems for dynamic area vigilance and recording.
Infrared Night Vision cameras for 24/7 monitoring at all critical locations with all weather enclosures for outdoor installations
Analog-IP dual system with hybrid DVRs for digital video recording and archival with high megapixel cameras for large area coverage and ensure no blind spots exist in critical areas

Visible artificial CCTV cameras also recommended to act as a deterrent to all potential wrong doers