1. What is VIRANI TELECOM all about?

VIRANI TELECOM , the repair specialist is a one stop solution for any issues related to any digital gadget (Mobile phone, PDA phone, laptop, Camera etc) be it device repairing or even selling any accessories related to the device. We at VIRANI TELECOM repair all makes and models of all digital products covered under our services. Our repair rates are 50% to 60% cheaper than that of authorized service centers.


2. What exactly is a VIRANI TELECOM franchisee? What will we do?

As a VIRANI TELECOM franchisee, you will start a service center for repairs of all digital products for M1, M2, M3 model and M4 model, apart from service center, you will also run a training institute. We will supply you tools, equipments, spares, internal and external brandings at the cost as per actual. The provisional cost is mentioned in the investment sheet.


3. Who is your competitor?

The repairing market for mobiles, laptops, cameras, gaming devices is totally unorganized. However due to lack of knowledge and transparency, consumer never gets proper service which he is looking for. VIRANI TELECOM is here to fill this gap and provide a one stop solution for all repairs of these devices.

Market Gap:

Authorized Service Centers:

Very high service charge

Very high cost of components

High turnaround time

Local Vendors:

Lack of required expertise

Are unskilled and untrained

Are not constantly updated with the changing models & technology

Most of the time they cause irreparable damage to device while repairing

Usage of low quality raw materials & components.


4. How will you support me for the marketing & sale promotion?

VIRANI TELECOM  has a dedicated support team to assist you in developing and running your business to a success reality. Right from signing of  the franchise you will find the much needed assistance a phone call or a mail away.

Post Operational Support

Ongoing  technical support.

Regular  technical updates.

Marketing  assistance.

National  branding support.

Unique custom built ERP (Enterprise resource planning) solution.

Online custom built CRM (Customer relationship management) to give 360 degree view of your marketing activities.


5. I am a non technical person. Can I start a VIRANI TELECOM service center ?

Yes. You can run a service center even if you are a non technical person. You should be a good entrepreneur. We have a sound and robust process to enable you to run the service center smoothly.


6. Whether you will provide the technical staff?

No. Franchisee will have to hire the technical person by themselves. VIRANI TELECOM will help them to get the bio-data from its database.

Once you hire a person, we will train him on all the products. We will even help you in taking a telephonic interview of the technical person.


7. How do we search technical staff?

Normally there are local mobile repair shops present in all the areas, you can try to get the technical person these shops by some trick or reference. You can also approach mobile training institute in the nearby area. Once you hire, we will train him on all the products. We will also try to get the technicians from our database.


8. Why don’t you provide technical staff?

We are based in Mumbai. We can get as many technicians for Mumbai, but sending technicians to your location does not become feasible as well as economical. Once we start M1 centers all across India, where we will be imparting repairing courses, getting the technical team will become a lot easier and economical.


9. What if after training, the technical staff leaves?

From our past experience, a technician will not leave a job if gets good technical work to do and good working environment. At VIRANI TELECOM we will provide them both. In case the technical staff leaves, you need to hire another staff again. We will provide him the complete training at the location decided by us. There will be no cost of training, but the lodging and boarding cost will be on franchisee.


10. Where will you provide the initial training?

Initial training of   1 to 2 weeks will be provided at Mumbai, our Head Office. The lodging and boarding cost will be borne by franchisee.


11. Will you provide training at our site?

Yes we will provide 5-6 days training at franchisee location. It will include complete operational training.


12. Who will pay the salary of the franchisee staff?

All employees shall be on rolls of the Franchisee and their salaries shall be payable by the Franchisee


13. Is the franchisee fee refundable?

No the franchisee fee is non refundable.


14. What is the term of the contract? Do we need to pay franchisee fee on renewable

The contract period is of five years. The contract is renewable and there are no franchisee fees on renewal.


15. What are the formalities involved in selection of a Franchisee for the VIRANI TELECOM?

Depending upon your conviction about the project and our assessment about your ability to successfully take it forward, we will sign the Franchise agreement, officially appointing you as a Franchisee VIRANI TELECOM. A filled in Franchise Application form, the signed non-disclosure agreement, the financial disclosure statement in prescribed formats and payment of the Initial License Fee of Rs 1.5lakhs for  M1 model, Rs.1lakhs for M2, Rs.50,000 for M3 and  Rs.20,000 for M4 are few pre-requisites to be able to sign the Franchise agreement.


16. How are franchisees assisted in managing the VIRANI TELECOM business, about which they may have no knowledge or understanding?

Our franchisees would already be people with excellent managerial skills. We would further equip them with business education training, technical training, extensive manuals on operations and Information Technology. In addition to this, they will also receive support visits from our functional experts who would constantly guide and update them on the market trends to make this business a success. We expect franchisees to pick up good business knowledge in the first year of operations itself, with all our support and guidance.


17. Will VIRANI TELECOM make an investment (even a token amount) in VIRANI TELECOM franchisee?

Since the chain of VIRANI TELECOM stores is being set up on a franchise basis, the franchisee will be responsible for the entire investment.

Where requested, we will assist and guide the franchisee in getting term loan from a bank. However, we will not be able make any investment individual franchised stores nor give any guarantee to the lender


18. How many people do I need to employ to run the store operations?

To begin with, there are 3-4 people in the store. However, depending on repair volumes and footfall, more people may be added later on.


19. Will you provide the spare parts support?

Yes. All the spares parts required to repair any product will be supplied by VIRANI TELECOM. You need to keep some spare parts in stock and keep on ordering the spares parts as required for business.