psp imagesPSP Repairing: PSP buttons each have their own underlying pressure sensitive cable that transfers the data to the motherboard. Each PSP model though has it’s own particular cable set-up and it’s not always the most obvious cable directly causing the problem. For instance, a lot of PSP’s stop all of a sudden in the middle of a game and act like you’ve pressed the “HOME” button asking to quit the game. Sometimes this is due to a problem with the button bar cable that has the HOME button on it but just as often it’s a faulty UMD trigger or UMD door tab instead so there’s a lot of variables to take into consideration. Having done this for so long though I’m well acquainted with these “usual suspects” and the price shown will cover your repair whether it needs a new button cable, UMD trigger, or even both. Case parts are considered individually when needed but usually come to $5-$10 extra depending on what you need.

Diagnosis and repair quotes are always a completely free service. This means that if you send your PSP in for an analog assembly replacement I’ll still go over the whole thing and let you know via email if I find other problems that will raise the repair costs. If I can fix it for the same price I’ll go ahead and do so no matter what’s going on in there but if it’s going to cost more, or if there’s any other implications, I’ll ask you first and you can decide then if you still want to have it fixed or not. If so you’ll know exactly how much it’ll be and if not it’s still considered a free quote.